Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Win Into The Dark by Gena Showalter

As y'all know I love giveaways. I will enter almost any giveaway especially if they are book giveaways. So when I found Bitten by Paranormal Romance was offering an autographed copy of this book I had to enter and wanted to share with all of you too. This is an omnibus of the three short stories two of which are from her Lord of the Underworld series and the other is an Atlantis tale. If I remember correctly the first is a prequel to the entire LotU series which was originally in downloadable ebook format only until now. (if that isn't correct please set me straight).

So, to get to the contest click on the link and enter. You have to follow the blog (which is a very great blog by the way) but can get extra entries by spreading the word.

It is open to US and Canda only...but they will send over seas if the winner pays for shipping through paypal.

Oh, and isn't the cover just...YUMMY HAWT?

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