Thursday, May 6, 2010

High Stakes by Erin McCarthy

I read this book and wrote this short crappy review in November 2008. I'd like to think that after a year and a half my reviews are better (maybe they aren't....yikes...I don't like the thought of that).

When Alexis decides she needs to save her sister from being brainwashed by a rich playboy in Sin City she has no idea what she is getting herself into. Alexis is a busy Lawyer who thinks her sister Brittany is in way over her head with Ethan Carrick. Alexis talks Brittany into going home and letting Alexis take her place as his "bimbo" on his arm because she thinks Brittany is way too sweet and innocent for the job and would just get hurt. What Alexis doesn't realize is that Ethan is the president of the Vampire Nation...making him THE vampire. He needs an edge for his political platform. He feels that if he has a mortal woman at his side he will be viewed as a "nicer" vampire for the election coming up. What he finds is that Alexis is a little stick of dynomite and she thinks he is a whacko.

I have read a couple of Erin McCarthy books and have to say she does lite whimsy fluff so well. Her sense of humor is witty and yet sarcastic enough to make me appreciate her characters to the max. Who else can have their characters call each other pet names such as BallBuster (or BB for short) and Garlic?

I gave this book a rating of 4.5 stars and will definitely read the next in the series

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