Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wind Warrior a Sneak Peek

Cynthia Roberts is an up and coming author with her first book Wind Warrior scheduled to be released next week. Originally I was going to spot light her book and then do an interview with her but time has got away from me and I have yet to do that. I would actually prefer to read the book first so I can get a little more idea on her writing style and such but haven't got a copy yet. Again it was my fault. Ms. Roberts was nice enough to offer to send it to me in pdf form but I haven't taken her up on it. I just don't want to sit at my computer reading when I am much more comfortable laying in bed reading. So that leaves my Kindle. Yes I have one. Do I know how to work it? Nope. I do know that you can upload pdfs into it but I have technology issues. I can't even hook up my DVD player let alone working my Kindle.

Anyway, I am planning on reading her book when I can so then I can do an honest review and hopefully an interview with her. She is a super nice lady and her schedule is a little strapped right now too. By the way, she could use some prayers and well wishing thoughts sent her way. Her mom is undergoing a battle against Breast Cancer and will need whatever added support she can get even from a bunch of strange women over the Internet.

So, no book review on Wind Warrior but I do have a book trailer for you. I am interested in seeing how she does an Indian novel suitable for the women of the new century. I loved Indian books back in the day. Cassie Edwards and  Janelle Taylor wrote some of my very favorites. If anyone does read it before I do, let me know what you think.....

You can find her at her website Here

Now for the trailer....