Book Reviews

Here is a list of links to individual reviews sorted by author that I have posted. I add new ones all the time so come back frequently!

Adams, Emma L--Darkness Watching
Andersen, Susan--That Thing Called Love
Ann, Brooklyn--Bite Me, Your Grace
Anna, Vivi--The League of Illusions:Legacy
Armstrong, Kelley--Omens
Arthur, Keri--Dancing With the Devil
Arthur, Keri--Dangerous Games
Arthur, Keri--Full Moon Rising
Arthur, Keri--Kissing Sin
Arthur, Keri--Memory Zero
Arthur, Keri--Tempting Evil

Bacus, Kathleen--Calamity Jayne
Balogh, Mary--The Escape
Banks, Maya--Highlander Most Wanted
Barant, DD--Dying Bites
Barclay, Linwood--The Accident
Bell, Dana Marie--All For You
Benjamin, Meg--Venus in Blue Jeans
Bernetti, Kitti--Dark Night
Blackstream, Jennifer--Before Midnight
Blume, Judy--Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
Bradbury, Ray--Fahrenheit 451
Briggs, Patricia--Moon Called
Broach, Elise--Shakespeare's Secret
Brockmann, Suzanne--Heartthrob 
Brown, Sandra--Mean Streak
Bush, Nancy--Wicked Ways 
Bury, Britt--The Darkest Day 

Caine, Rachel--The Dead Girls' Dance
Caine, Rachel--Glass Houses
Caine, Rachel--Two Weeks' Notice
Caine, Rachel--Working Stiff
Callihan, Kristen--Shadowdance 
Callihan, Kristen--Winterblaze
Carey,MR--The Girl With All the Gifts
Carr, Robyn--The Newcomer
Carr, Robyn--Temptation Ridge
Carr, Robyn--A Virgin River Christmas
Carr, Robyn--The Wanderer
Casale, Yelena--A Touch of Darkness
Cassidy, Dakota--Talk Dirty to Me
Cast, PC--Betrayed
Castille, Sarah--Against the Ropes
Child, Lee--Killing Floor
Coben, Harlan--Six Years
Cole, Kresley--If You Dare
Coulter, Catherine--The Sherbrooke Bride
Crusie, Jennifer--The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes

Davidson, MaryJanice--Undead and Unfinished 
Davidson, MaryJanice--Undead and Unstable 
Davis, Dee--Double Danger 
Deveraux, Jude--Sweet Liar
Dodd, Christina--Scent of Darkness 
Dodd, Christina--Wilder 
Drake, Jocelynn--Angel's Ink 
Dreyer, Eileen--The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes 
Duff, Hilary--Elixir

Eden, Cynthia--Before the Dawn
Eden, Cynthia--Sharpshooter 
Edwards, Cassie--Shadow Bear
Elliot, Kendra--On Her Father's Grave
Elliott, Cara--TooTempting to Resist 
Ellison, JT--All The Pretty Girls 
Estep, Jennifer--Spartan Frost 
Evanovich, Janet--Curious Minds
Evanovich, Janet--Foul Play 
Evanovich, Janet--Notorious Nineteen 
Evanovich, Janet--Wife For Hire 

Feehan, Christine--Dark Celebration
Feehan, Christine--The Scarletti Curse
Feehan, Christine--Street Game
Foster, Lori--Causing Havoc
Foster, Lori--When You Dare
Fox, Angie--Immortally Yours
Frost, Jeaniene--Eternal Kiss of Darkness
Frost, Jeaniene--Halfway to the Grave
Frost, Jeaniene--One Foot In the Grave

Gardiner, Meg--Unsub
Gardner, Lisa--Alone
Garwood, Julie--Hotshot
Gehrke, Laura Lee--Wedding of the Season
Gibson, Rachel--Not Another Bad Date
Gibson, Rachel--Sex, Lies and Online Dating
Graham, Heather--Nightwalker
Graham, Heather--Phantom Evil

Halle, Karina--Red Fox
Harper, Molly--How to Flirt With a Naked Warewolf
Harper, Molly--Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs
Harte, Marie--Just the Thing
Hauf, Michele--Kiss Me Deadly
Heath, Lorraine--A Rogue in Texas
Higgins, Kristan--Just One of the Guys
Higgins, Kristan--Waiting On You
Hilaire, Tes--Deliver Me From Darkness
Hilaire, Tes--Deliver Me From Temptation
Hooper, Kay--Blood Sins
Hooper, Kay--The Wizard of Seattle
Howard, Linda--After the Night
Howard, Linda--Drop Dead Gorgeous
Howard, Linda--Mackenzie's Mountain
Howard, Linda--Sarah's Child
Howard, Linda--Shadow Woman
Howell, Hannah--Highland Knight
Hoyt, Elizabeth--The Leopard Prince
Hoyt, Elizabeth--Thief of Shadows
Hoyt, Elizabeth--Wicked Intentions
Hunter, Jillian--The Husband Hunt

Ione, Larissa--Desire Unchained
Ivy, Alexandra--My Lord Immortality  

Jackson, Lisa--Wicked Ways 
Johansen, Iris--Stalemate
Johnson, Spencer--Who Moved My Cheese?
Johnston, Joan--Honey and the Hired Hand 
James, Julie--A Lot Like Love

Kagawa, Julie--The Immortal Rules 
Keaton, Kelly--Darkness Becomes Her 
Kelly, Mira Lyn--Wild Fling or Wedding Ring?
Kittredge, Caitlin--Down in the Ground Where Dead Men Go (short story in the anthology Huntress)
Kleypas, Lisa--Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor
Knight, Angela--Warrior
Koontz, Dean--77 Shadow Street 
Kramer, Kieran--Christmas at Two Love Lane
Krentz, Jayne Ann--White Lies

Laurenston, Shelly--The Unleashing
Laurie, Victoria--A Vision of Murder
Leigh, Lora--Megan's Mark
Lindsey, Johanna--Let Love Find You
Liu, Marjorie M.--Tiger Eye
Liu, Marjorie M.--The Robber Bride (short story in the anthology Huntress)

Maclaine, Jenna--Sin Slayer (short story in the anthology Huntress)
Macomber, Debbie--Navy Baby
McCarthy, Erin--Hard and Fast 
McCarthy, Erin--High Stakes
McCarthy, Erin--You Don't Know Jack
McCarty, Monica--The Raider
McCarty, Monica--The Recruit
McCleave, Annette--Bound By Darkness
McKay, Kirsty--Undead
McMann, Lisa--Wake
McNaught, Judith--Once and Always
Mallery, Susan--Tempting
Mallery, Susan--Three Little Words
Mallery, Susan--Three Sisters
Mallery, Susan--Two of a Kind
Marinelli, Carol--Playing the Royal Game
Meier, Leslie--Wicked Witch Murder
Melzi d'Este, Carlotta--A Dinner in Bellagio
Michaels, Fern--Return to Sender
Miller, Linda Lael--Deadly Gamble
Miller, Linda Lael--An Outlaw's Christmas
Morgan, Raye--The Boss's Double Trouble Twins
Moss, Tina--A Touch of Darkness
Myles, Jill--Gentlemen Prefer Succubi

Novak, Brenda--Hanover House
Novak, Brenda--When Lightning Strikes
Novak, Brenda--When Snow Falls
Novak, Brenda--When Summer Comes
Novak, Brenda--When We Touch


Palmer, Diana--Sweet Enemy
Parrish, Leslie--Cold Sight
Patterson, James--The Fire
Patterson, James--Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment
Perez, Marlene--Dead is the New Black
Petersen, Jesse--Flip This Zombie
Petersen, Jesse--Married With Zombies
Phillips, Carly--Summer Lovin'
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth--Dream a Little Dream
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth--Kiss An Angel
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth--Natural Born Charmer

Quick, Amanda--Quicksilver
Quick, Amanda--Second Sight
Quinn, Julia--Everything And The Moon
Quinn, Julia--Just Like Heaven
Quinn, Julia--On The Way To The Wedding
Quinn, Julia--When He Was Wicked

Reece, Christy--Return to Me
Reid, Michelle--The Italian's Future Bride
Roberts, Nora--Blood Brothers
Roberts, Nora--Born in Ice
Roberts, Nora--The Witness
Rodgers, M.J.--The Dream Wedding
Ryan, Sylvia--Being Amber

Sachar, Louis--Holes
Sala, Sharon--Out of the Dark
Sands, Lynsay--The Reluctant Vampire
Schnyder, PJ--Bite Me
Seuss, Dr--The Lorax
SeRine, Kate--The Better to See You
Shalvis, Jill--At Last
Shalvis, Jill--Head Over Heels
Shalvis, Jill--Storm Watch
Shayne, Maggie--Deadly Obsession
Shayne, Maggie--Dream of Danger
Shayne, Maggie--Sleep With the Lights On
Shayne, Maggie--Wake to Darkness
Showalter, Gena--Alice in Zombieland
Showalter, Gena--The Darkest Night
Singh, Nalini--Archangel's Blade
Sjoberg, Lori--Grave Intentions
Sparks, Kerrelyn--How To Marry a Millionaire Vampire 
St. Claire, Roxanne--Edge of Sight
Stiefvater, Maggie--Shiver
Stuart, Anne--The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes
Sutton, Phoef--Curious Minds

Thompson, Vicki Lewis--Killer Cowboy Charm
Treanor, Marie--Blood on Silk


Vaughn, Evelyn--Lost Calling
Viehl, Lynn--Dark Need
Vincent, Rachel--Stray

Warren, Christine--Devil's Bargain (short story in the anthology Huntress)
Webber, Minda--The Remarkable Miss Frankenstein
Wilson, Norah--Saving Grace


York, Rebecca--Bad Nights