Thursday, May 6, 2010

Warrior by Angela Knight

I read this book and wrote this review back in 12/08. I never got around to posting it on my blog so I am doing so now.

My Review....
Over all I would say this was a decent book but nothing spectacular. Galar is a 24th century Enforcement Agent sent back in time to possibly save Jessica who is a struggling artist. Normally I don't care much for Time travel books or sci-fi but I thought Angela Knight's futuristic world made sense and even though I have not read any other connecting books I was not lost a bit.

What I liked....the speed of which the plot took off and kept going. Seemed like there was always something going on that made me want to continue reading and not put the book down. I also enjoyed several of the secondary characters. I hope they also get their own books.

What I didn't like....typical of Angela Knight's writing there was many blazing hot sex scenes. Normally I like this but it seemed to take over the romance part of the storyline. There was romance but mostly just sex. Also the book is classified as a paranormal romance when it is actually a futuristic romance. To me there is a big difference but this probably wouldn't bother anyone other then me. Another thing is that we learn bits and pieces of Jessica's life before Galar entered it. Not a lot of info but some. We really didn't learn a thing about Galar. We learn he had a relationship with a woman prior to meeting Jessica and what his favorite meal was as a boy but not much else.

As I said, the book is overall enjoyable with some minor flaws that can be overlooked. I think that if you want to try Knight out and don't care for paranormal vampire type books this might be a good option for you. If you do like vampire books I would try some of her books in the Master series (Master of the Moon, Master of Wolves etc.)
I would give this book 3 stars.


Lynette said...

LOL. I loved this book and I like her futuristics over her vamps! The next book in this series, title escapes me at the moment, was really good!

Christina said...

I didn't find it horrible. Just average I guess. I like my romance books to have more romance. I didn't think this one had that much romance, the sex overwhelmed it. I do have Guardian in my TBR pile and do plan on reading it but I probably won't read it before reading more of her Mageverse books because I really liked most of them better than I liked Warrior.