Thursday, May 6, 2010

Glass Houses by Rachel Caine

Written in Nov. 2008 so please forgive the fact that it is a rather crappy review with very little personal feelings about the book and characters.

My Review
I was a little concerned that this being a YA book the meat of the story would be lacking and not hold my adult attention as well as an adult novel would. I was happy to be completely surprised that this book not only held my attention I didn't want to put it down until I finished ever last word.

Claire is a 16 year old super smart cookie who finds herself at a small college not too far from her home. She did not want to go there but her parents insisted. She ends up going from socially snubbed in high school to being bullied in a dangerous manner. After an incident at her dorm that had her covered in bruises she just knows she has to find something off campus. What she finds is a wonderful house and some pretty great friends. Friends she really needs when she also finds out that Morganville is filled with vampires and unless you have Protection you end up lunch or worse.
Rachel Caine has done an excellent job of writting a book for teens that entertains everyone. Her take on vampires is interesting and wooohooo what a cliff hanger she zaps at the readers at the end. You will find that you not only want to read more about Claire and her 3 friends but you will want to read about them right now. Make sure you have the second one in the wings when you start this first one.


Gina said...

Goodness - you've been posting away, haven't you?
Way to go!!
Great reviews!

Christina said...

Thank Gina. I found on that I had almost 50 reviews there that I hadn't posted on my blog and I am trying to get all of them in on central location. I have about 40 left to post even. I will be busy doing it for a few days....maybe weeks LOL.
Some of them are really crappy but I am posting them all anyway.