Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter

I read and reviewed this book in December of 2008. It's that old. I am posting my complete and original (non-rewritten) review because when looking back I would like to think that my reviews now are quite a bit different and better then they were over a year ago. Since I wrote this I discoverd that Showalter did write a prequel to the series which was released in ebook format only. She did release that story in a omnibus a few days ago called Into The Dark which I can't wait to read.

Written Dec 2008.....
Although a decent start to a new paranormal series I found that I wasn't fully invested in the characters until towards the end of the book. I thought that Ashlyn's psychic ability was extremely interesting and although played a part throughout the book I might have enjoyed the book more had the book been her book with Maddox finding her....if that makes any sense.

Maddox is a cursed immortal who along with his friends thousands of years ago became too self important and released the demon's from Pandora's Box. As punnishment the Gods cast a demon into each immortal to be housed for all eternity. Maddox's own demon is that of Violence. This makes him the most dangerous of all members of the lords of the underworld. Personally I think that Disease is more dangerous but whatever.

One a superficial note I love the cover. Not so keen on the second in the series cover but I can over look it to read it. Which I will read sooner or later. Based on the average rating I might just wait and move some of my paranormals that I KNOW will have a higher star rating ahead of the rest of the series.

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