Monday, May 3, 2010

Look At My New Button!

I am so excited about my button. I have been wanting one for weeks now and didn't know how to go about getting one. I got lucky. Kirthi contacted me and offered to make me one. Really! She did. I thought it was beautiful (which it totally is!) and she did a great job. As my way of thanks I thought I would publicly thank her and sing her praises in the street. It was a fleeting thought though...I mean not the publicly thanking her...that's a done deal, but the singing her praises in the street. I don't live on a hugely busy street but busy enough that anything other then quickly running across it would be dangerous so, street praise....nixed.

Kirthi is an amazing young adult. Yep, young adult. I said it, it's true. She not only can make incredible buttons she reads like a demon, her reviews are impressive and she is very passionate about the environment. You have to check her out. Kirthi's Blog

Thank you Girl!


Kirthi said...

Aw, I'm so touched! Thanks so much, really, I have this big huge grin on my face, and it probably won't come off for a long time!

Gina said...

That is really nice!
I'm adding it to my site!