Saturday, May 15, 2010

One More for My BOLO list....

I follow a ton of blogs. Once a week or so I try to get all caught up on them and while doing that I found a fabulicious review on a YA book by Sara Shepard called Pretty Little Liars. Lori over at Pure Imagination read this book and reviewed it. It sounds so good that I have officially put it on my Be On-the Look Out list. In addition to an interesting book it is also going to be a show on ABC Family in June. If you click on Lori's link you will see her write up of the review along with information on the upcoming show. I am also putting the YouTube link to the show's video. I am not a big television person (oh, I watch it, but mostly DVD's from Netflix once my favorite shows are available) but I am definitely going to watch this show.

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