Friday, April 30, 2010

Ravished by A Highlander giveaway!

I might not ever do another review ever. I am seriously finding myself spending entirely too much time reading other people's blogs. It's all good though. Chrissy over at chrissysworldofbooks is holding a giveaway on Paula Quinn's newest book. I read A Highlander Never Surrenders a few years back and totally loved it. I want this book so bad but want to give my romance reader followers a chance at it too. Ok who am I kidding. I just want the extra entries it gives me for posting on my blog. No...that isn't true. I honestly want everyone to read one (or all) of Paula's books and what better way to get introduced to her then with a free book. So, jump on over to Chrissy's blog and enter for your chance to win one of the books (there are several available!)

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