Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hannah's List by Debbie Macomber coming soon

I finally checked my email (I only do it once a week or so) and started reading some of the many author updates I get sent to me all the time. I don't mind these mass email posts. It lets me know (or in some cases...reminds me) what is coming soon.

Tonight's author newsletter that excited me was Debbie Macomber (or Debbie Mac as I like to call her....it's not like we are friends or anything....I am just lazy and Debbie Mac does have a nice ring to it. Just don't tell her that I call Katie MacAlister virtually the same thing. No I don't calle Katie, Debbie Mac, she is fondly called Katie Mac of course. Nope...not friends with her either but I digress.) Anyway, Debbie Mac's newletter focused on her upcoming book Hannah's List and boy howdy am I looking forward to reading it. This is what D-Mac (yeah....I went there) had to say about this book....

Dear Christina,

I believe everyone needs second chances; I know I've used my fair share over the years. Hannah's List is about a second chance at love that Hannah Everett offers her husband following her death. Yes, you read that right. Following her death. A year after she's gone, her husband, Michael, receives a letter Hannah had written him. In it, she urges him to let go of his grief and love again. And then, because she feels he might need more than a few words of encouragement, she gives him the names of three women she wants him to consider… I think you're going to enjoy this story of second chances. It's very special to me and I hope it will be to you!

Ok, so it kind of sounds like a cross between PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahren and Not Another Bad Date by Rachel Gibson. Although I have not read PS I Love You (I did see the movie and made a conscience discision to not read the book for personal reasons but trust me not because it was bad....trust me) I did read the latter by the way and really liked it. Anyway, after checking out the eharlequin.com site this is part of her Blossom Street books. Which I have not read any of.
So, now you're saying...
What???? How can you be a fan of Debbie's but not have read her Blossom Street books? Are you mental?
My response....
Well, I only had to read a few of her books to know that her books are something special. I read several in her Cedar Cove series and love the town and the people she created.I have dozens of her other books in my TBR Mountain which I will get to one of these days. Now stop picking on me. (Please?)

So, it looks like my library ordered several copies of the book but then there are more then several people waiting first in the hold line to get a copy to read. So, I figured when it comes out I will happily run (won't really run....I was thinking more along the lines of skipping merrily) to my Wal-mart to get a copy. Until I realized that it was coming out in hardcover. It's just not in my budget to purchase hardcover books that I probably can't keep. So where does this leave me? On the long hold list (towards the bottom) at my public library with fingers crossed hoping that the library won't spend weeks adding it into the inventory once they actually get it.

I bet I looked pretty funny sitting here for those 10 minutes by the way.
--Christina opening up Debbie's newsletter (looking curious if slightly bored)
--Christina after reading the newsletter (eyebrows up looking very intrigued)
--Christina checking out the specifics (smiling a bit over the top and even doing the happy clap)
--Christina after realizing it's coming in hardcover (smile sliding south...now the frown...hello sad panda face)

It still looks super good!!!


Gina said...

Morning, Christina!
I agree that this looks like a great book. I've been looking forward to it for a while. I will say, the story line reminds me of another of her books (though I can't for the life of me remember which!)

I understand that you haven't read all of D-Mac's books. They are good but you have to be in a certain frame of mind/mood to read them. I own all of the Blossom St & Cedar Cove - but I only re-read the Blossom St books. For some reason, though I MUST READ the Cedar Cove but they're just not enough for me to keep coming back for more (A couple of them are but not the series). The navy book series are also quite good & I do always look for her Harlequin books. (They are re-readable.)

I like D-Mac! I call Jayne Ann Krentz - Jak... it's just too much to say otherwise. I think we all have nicknames for our favorite authors.

Christina said...

Gina, I love your comments to me. Thanks for reading my blog and responding. I haven many of the Blossom books in my TBR but for some reason I have not had the inclination to pick one up. I had heard that they are about knitting or something to that effect and it's not something I am interested in. That usually doesn't stop me from reading a good book though. I just guess I keep finding other books that are calling my name louder then those when it comes to chosing what to read next.

Gina said...

I almost skipped the books because of the knitting thing too but it's really just background info not the story line.
(I always have to be 'in the mood' for her books though.)
By the way - B&N have many of D-Mac's books on sale to celebrate her new release - the first blossom st eBook is free. You should check them out!

Christina said...

I will check them out. Thanks for the suggestion gina!