Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wake by Lisa McMann

Janie is a 17 year old that has taken care of herself for years. Maybe because her mother is an alcoholic and a single parent. Or maybe because she has a problem. When someone falls asleep near her she ends up getting sucked into their dreams. It is a condition she has learned to kind of live with but hates. She hates being so different. It's bad enough she comes from a poor family but dealing with this is worse.

What I liked...
Among the hundreds of vampire and werewolf paranomal books out there this book stands out and is completely different. As a reader I liked Janie. Of course this being a YA book it does have it's share of teenage angst and rocky relationships, however, much of Janie's struggles are about her trying to cope with her ability/curse in addition to being a teenager. She is tired of being a victim of it and finally starts trying to control it. She even finds that perhaps her condition can even be used for good things instead of just the inconvenience it has been for over a decade.

This book was also very short. Well under 200 pages, the length could really go either way in adding or taking away some of the enjoyment of the book depending on the reader. I thought even though it was short it felt full and complete. I didn't have dozens of unanswered questions pending the arrival of the second book which is good. I was also able to read this book in a few short hours which worked well because it was due back at the library and I put off reading it too long.

What I didn't like....
 I found it a little weird that this book was divided up into chapters which were then divided up by time frame. You would read a couple paragraphs or page and then a new time would appear. I found that knowing the exact time of everything was unnecessary. I think it could have been just as useful to have a new chapter or passage start out with "Janie sat under his window for almost 2 hours before giving up and going back home." I know the specific timeline type works well in certain books (some mysteries I have read in the past come to mind) but I am really not sure if it added to the overall flow of the book in a positive manner. I do have to admit though that it made the book stand out even more.

As a YA book I think this would not suit kids under a certain age. There is quite a bit of cussing and some teenage drinking. Although there is no sex the rest of these are definitely subjects that are best left for older teens.

Overall a 4 &#9733 read. I already checked out Fade from the library which is book two and am looking forward to Janie's new adventures in accepting and dealing with her condition (which she may just decide is a gift and not such a curse.)


Kelly said...

This sounds great, I've added it to my wishlist! :)

Christina said...

It was very intersting that's for sure.