Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Book Giveaway at Socrates' Book Reviews

I follow quite a few blogs and when it comes to entering giveaways....well, I love it!.

I especially love it when the giveaways are books by authors I have not yet read. It is easy peasy to pick up a book here or there by a tried and true author. You never think twice of forking over your hard earned cash for you favorite author's newest offerings. However, a new to you author is another story. Many of you might just be braver then me. More spontaneous. More, um...out of your fricken mind?? You don't know if this new author is any good! You don't know if you will purchase said author's book and find it hideously boring and succomb to the overwhelming sadness knowing you could have bought a Beef N' Cheddar combo with Curly Fries and a Ice Cold Pepsi from Arby's but NOOOOOO you went and took a chance on that book and now your stomach is growling and you are dehydrating to dust as every minute passes.

Oooops I went on a tanget there for a minute. My entire point is....what better way to introduce you to an author you haven't read before then a giveaway. Yvonne from Socrates' Book Reviews understands this theory. So she, along with Hachette Books she is giving away not one, not two, but a lot more (5 actually) of .....

 Dark Deceptions this link will take you to the post at Socrates' Book Review for this specific giveaway.

Stay A Little Longer this link will take you to the post at Socrates' Book Review for this specific giveaway.

I think it is super that she is not only doing one giveaway but two. Make sure you go read how to sign up for the drawing and put your name in.

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Gina said...

Christina - Trust me - Dorothy Garlock is worth the money! Leaving Whiskey Bend is one of the best books I've read!
I purchased A Week from Sunday and read it the day it came but then I couldn't help myself - As soon as I finished I went & ordered Whiskey Bend, On Tall Pine Lake, Train From Marietta. (I've read them several times & I only discovered her 1-1/2 years ago.)
send me an email & I'll ship you one... (I'm moving from HB to eBooks...)