Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Layout!

Well, As you might have noticed I am now sporting a new "Do" on my book blog. Due to a series of unfortunate events (although I didn't find him I suspect the Lemony Snicket was behind it all) my original layout disappeared. It might have had something to do with the new layout I was trying on for size and clicking save instead of preview....but I am still going to blame Snicket anyway.

So anyway, my beautiful old layout/background left me without a forwarding address even so I went back over to The Cutest Blog on The Block (where I found it to begin with by the way) and instead of finding my old friend I found a new looking website that has very limited free things now. I mean don't get me wrong. I did find a pretty black and purple background but when coupled with the 3 column layout I wanted, the poor  blog looked like I tried to scrapbook...... again. (I tend to have creative ambitions but zero artistic ability.)

I did find an interesting downloadable program that is for a free trial which will help you create your own stunning (I inserted that word myself) blog look. Now this would have been the way to go had I not tried it yesterday when I was creating a second (do I really have that much to say???) blog. That was met with disasterous endings by the way but, alas, it is another story (one I might share as my first post on said second blog at a later time.)

So at this point I still couldn't find my long lost love (still talking about my missing layout by the way.....not the guy I have been stalking for 3 months)(just's only been 6 weeks) and refused to download Artisteer (again). So I thought "What the Heck." So I just hopped on over to the blog hop and randomly started pulling up some book blogging sites connected with the blog hop.

After viewing a few I found an interesting link that one of the ladies was following. Lenatoewdesigns is Lena's awesome site. She has free layouts, she will design for you and she also has some seriously fantabulous tips on how to make your blog better. I'm in awe. I found my new Creative Goddess. If I could afford to spend money on my random thoughts at blogger I would totally opt in for her to design me something spectacular. But alas...I make far less money then I am worth (don't we all?) and until someone offers me money to spout out my thoughts and feeling about books I shall go the free route.

So there it is....the whole sordid tale of a girl who loved her blog but realized her love was based on the blog's appearance. It was a hard lesson to learn....One day you are in love and staring at thing you know it's gone. Luckily there are thousands of people out there creating beauty (but really Lena is the Bomb!) for fickle people like mean the girl.


Gina said...

Christina, it looks great! You did a terrific job!!

I always go free, too. There are tons of ways to design your own and if you ever need help just let me know (I did mine in the Blogger template designer - Hott Books). It's what I do some days when I'm working & I always love to help out friends!!

Morgan said...

I love your layout! But it's too bad you lost your old one.

Christina said...

Thanks Gina for the offer. I am still kind of struggling with blogging. Not the blogging part really but not having it look exactly the way I want it. Of course if I had a better idea of what I wanted it might not be as difficult LOL.

Morgan thanks for your condolences LOL. I loved that layout. It was pretty. That's ok though, this one is pretty nice too.