Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WayBack Wednesday

So I set out tonight to prove to myself that I can be pseudo creative and made my own picture (that I found while perusing the net) using to use for my newest meme WayBack Wednesday. I think the results are not bad for my first try.

Anyway, the purpose of WayBack Wednesday is to reminisce days gone by, happy childhood memories, Remember Whens, the good ol' days...You get the picture. For my first official WayBack Wednesday post I bring you a short lived, yet funny, sitcom that stayed with me all these years.

It's Your Move
Running a short 18 episodes before being canceled this tv show started in 1984 starring a young Jason Bateman, Tricia Cast who played Bateman's sister (who incidently has been Nina Webster on The Young and The Restless for 24 years) and an older actor named David Garrison who went on to play the role of Steve Rhoades in Married....With Children.

The video is pretty harsh to look at which is unfortunate but I couldn't find one with better quality. Also, this is about 9 minutes of the first episode so it cuts off pretty abruptly.


Linna (21 ♡ pages) said...

I've never seen this meme before- but it's a lovely idea. I've never seen It's Your Move before, but this looks like a fun feature to participate in :)

Christina said...

Thanks! I can't remember where I saw a WayBack Wednesday meme. It actually could have been a Time Warp Tuesday come to think about it. Anyway, If you have a WayBack Wednesday thought or idea please share. I love to "talk about the good ol' days" LOL.