Saturday, April 17, 2010

Forgot to blog hop (and other thoughts)

Well, I didn't get to blog at all this last week and getting online after midnight and realizing that technically the Friday Blog Hop was over I was a little sad. Thankfully Crazy For Books does the blog hop every Friday and I will join back in next week.

So, what have a done or read this last week.

I read Taming the Highland Bride by Lynsay Sands. Overall, an average book that while reading it I had that "I already read this" feeling....which couldn't actually be true because it just came out, copy written 2010 even. I will spend more time discussing my thoughts and such when I get around to reviewing it.

I also read Wake by Lisa McMann. A very short YA paranormal about a teenage girl who gets sucked into other people's dreams no matter what she happens to be doing at the time. I thought it was so refreshing and new that I read it all in one sitting (of course being just a little more then 200 pages probably helped too.) I am looking forward to the second book Fade soon.

When I finished that one I read The Renegade Hunter which is part of Lynsay Sands's Argeneau Family series. The last three (this is the latest one by the way) are still part of that series but they are technically called Rogue Hunter books. Oh well, there were Argeneaus in this one so what the an orange an orange. Overall, a decent addition to the series. I liked Jo a lot. Nicholas....not as much as some of the other Argeneau men but he was ok. I didn't like that the book kind of aburptly stopped. Jo and Nicholas got their HEA but.....well, I will spill more when I do my review.

I also finished Running Hot by Jayne Ann Krentz this week. This is part of her Acrane Society and I thought it was pretty good. I liked it better then I did Sizzle and Burn but not quite as much as I did White Lies. I think characters within the books had a lot to do with this but Sizzle reminded me of one giant conspiracy theory after another and it was a little annoying. This one carried on that tradition but it made me think that there was something more to it then some whack job thinking the government is secretly adding tracking devices in our paper money (this is not in any of the books by they way....but seriously I do know someone who believes this). Once again....more thoughts and details when I get around to reviewing this book...oh and Sizzle and Burn too since I never did that one either.

Finished reading the second installment of The Morganville Vampire books The Dead Girls' Dance by Rachel Caine. Enjoyed it....yup...I sure did. Thought it wasn't quite as "OMG" as the first WTF cliff hanger which pleased me but it did take away some of that compelling "I have to read the next book right away" thoughts.

One more...Mackenzie's Mountain. I read the last one in Linda Howard's beloved Mackenzie family series first (A Game of Chance) which I loved loved loved. Then thought...I better get to reading the rest. Fascinating family. Overall I thought although this one was good (nice to see where it all this is the first in the series) I did think it was dated though. And not because it was written in the late 80s either. It felt extremely old fashioned even being only 20 years old or so. Weird I know. I do have some more to say about this book (and the others for that matter) but it is getting late and I have to work tomorrow. So, until later....buh-bye.


Stella (Ex Libris) said...

Wow, no wonder you didn't get too much blogging done with so many books read in the past week, bravo!

I love reading Scottish romances and maybe would have picked up Taming the Highland Bride, but I hate that déjá vu feeling with a new novel..

The premise of Wake sounds original and exciting, would love to read that one.

I'm interested to read your thoughts on them, I'm looking forward to your reviews!

You can find me hopping here.

Angel said...

I missed the blog hop this week too, I'm pretty sad about it, but there's always next week! (I did get to go shopping instead and got 3 new outfits :-)