Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dark Need: A Novel of the Darkyn by Lynn Viehl

Synopsis: AN ACHING EMPTINESS... — Homicide detective Samantha Brown is a tough, highly decorated cop.  But for the past twelve lonely years, since she nearly died of a gunshot wound, she has felt a deep inner longing. — A LONG-LOST LOVE... — The mysterious Lucan, with his timeless ability to seduce women, is focusing on the emotionally battered Samantha, who has awakened his wild memories of a long-ago love.


As Samantha pursues a deranged killer, her only clue is a medieval cross inscribed "Lucan" -- the name of a man who owns a nightclub near the murder scene.  Drawn into a seamy underworld, Samantha falls for Lucan, who believes that he's a vampire and that Samantha is his reincarnated first love.  Now she must save this man who seems beyond redemption -- and who fulfills her deepest, darkest desires....

My Thoughts: After reading 2 other books in this series I am seriously thinking they just aren't for me. Not very much romance and the mentality of the Kyn and their view points on humans are a little crass to me. There doesn't seem to be a HEA ending in any of the three books I read. No love and marriage. After 3 books the guy from the first book finally told the woman from the first book that he loved her. I guess they don't get married but she becomes something of a most loved mistress or something. Like I said maybe these just aren't for me.

As for this book I didn't like Lucan, who was supposed to be the "hero", at all. He kept doing things that made him appear hard and uncaring but as any good romance reader would know that these acts are just a front for what the hero is really feeling. Unfortunately, he still just came across as a user who only did thing that would benefit himself and didn't really care who he had to walk on in order to achieve his goals.

Also the book spent many paragraphs throughout the book on the sexual orientation of Samantha. It referenced that many secondary characters questioned if she really liked men or not. I didn't feel that this was that important of an issue to keep re-hashing the same thing over and over again as it had no bearing on the story at all. So now that I finished this book after almost 6 months of reading it (having to restart it 3 times) I don't know why the 4th book is in my TBR still. I am a glutton for punishment for sure.

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