Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts

The first in the latest formulaic trilogies from Nora Roberts. I for one am a fan of her trilogies, however, I felt this one was not as good as the others. I enjoy that she has men once again as her leading characters and I find all three men facinating. I thought the build up towards the climactic end was very good but then found the ending to be a little disappointing.

After 21 years of battling this big bad evil Cal and his blood brothers know this is the last year for the battle. They either will finish off the evil or die trying. This time is a little different because now they are not alone. 3 women have wandered into their town of Hawkins Hallow and are somehow involved in the fight.

The romance part of the story was, well, not very romantic. There was very little time for romance as the two main characters Cal and Quinn are trying to research the history of the big bad evil. The history of The Hallow and the battle between the good and the evil is very interesting. The setting of the town, The Pegan Stone and Hester's Pool are some place I would like to visit.

I thought Roberts could have done a little better with making a complete book with this first installment. Typically her trilogies are made of 3 books with complete stories that, although, when read together make one large story, each book can stand alone making the reader want to read the other books but not feel they have to read them. I was disappointed in the left hanging feeling I got when I finished this book. Don't get me wrong there was a minor to-do at the end but the confrontation of the 6 characters with the big bad evil was almost humorous and not as suspenseful as I think it was supposed to be.

Overall I would have given this book 2.5 stars but as Nora Roberts is one of my favorites I bumped it up to a 3. I will read the rest of the trilogy.

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