Thursday, January 21, 2010

Themed Reading Challenge 2010

Ok this is the last challenge that I will join for 2010....I swear. Caribousmom is hosting this challenge and I tend to like when my books connect so why not? I am going to do it. Technically I only need to read 5 books that connect so I figure it can't be that difficult LOL. So anyway, the title to this blog will link back to her original post on her blog. This is what Caribousmom's rules are.....

The Challenge.....

February 14 – August 14, 2010
I am once again hosting the Themed Reading Challenge for 2010. This is a six month challenge designed to help readers clear books from their to-be-read stacks which center around a common theme or themes. The “rules” have changed just a bit from last year. Here they are:
Readers may join at ANY TIME between now and August 14th.
Books should be chosen from the reader’s TBR pile (this may be an actual physical pile or a virtual pile).
The goal is to read AT LEAST 5 books linked by theme.
Overlaps with other challenges are allowed.
Readers may change their list of books OR their theme(s) at any time.
Readers may choose from three different levels of participation:
Read at least 5 books which share the same theme.
Read at least 5 books which share TWO themes.
Read at least 5 books which share MORE THAN TWO themes.
Themes can be geographic, genre, author, subject matter, or anything in between! Last year’s themes were wonderfully creative and varied…
check out the sign up links from 2009 to see all the different themes which readers chose.

So there it is. Another challenge that I will join and complete. That's it for my joining though this year....maybe.

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