Monday, May 20, 2013

Stacking The Shelves

It's been forever since I participated in a meme and I especially enjoy sharing my new book finds so Stacking the Shelves (aka StS) is some kind of awesome sauce. I found this meme over at Tynga's Reviews which is a pretty impressive book blog, by the way, so you should check it out soon.

Basically the meme is super simple. Just list your recent acquisitions. Easy Peasy. Right? So, here are some of my recent additions to my Mt. TBR (I add to the mountain by purchasing used books anywhere I can find them. Or new books from amazon, B&N or even Walmart. I borrow them from the library too. Some even are gifted to me by NetGalley or the author themselves for reviewing...pretty much anywhere I can get my hands on a book I'm super happy. I'm not particular about the type of book either. Ebook, paperback, hardcover or audio...I love them all!) Oh and each book cover will link back to amazon (no they don't pay me LOL). I just find it helpful when I'm looking up a new to me book.....

On Ebook

free on kindle!
free on kindle
NetGalley (8/13/13 release)
NetGalley (7/16/13 release)
NetGalley (7/29/13 release)
NetGalley (6/25/13 release)
only $.99 on kindle!
Library books



Jay Riv said...

Anna dressed in Blood & Skinwalker both look really good! Happy Reading!
Here are my newest additions

BookCupid said...

Herd great things about Anna dressed in blood. Hope you enjoy it :) Here is what caught my arrow this week.

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

clockwork heart looks so cool!!

Christina said...

It sure does Carrie! Thanks for stopping by.