Friday, March 8, 2013

The Wanderer by Robyn Carr

Synopsis: Nestled on the Oregon coast is a small town of rocky beaches and rugged charm. Locals love the land's unspoiled beauty. Developers see it as a potential gold mine. When newcomer Hank Cooper learns he's been left an old friend's entire beachfront property, he finds himself with a community's destiny in his hands.
Cooper has never been a man to settle in one place, and Thunder Point was supposed to be just another quick stop. But Cooper finds himself getting involved with the town. And with Sarah Dupre, a woman as complicated as she is beautiful.
With the whole town watching for his next move, Cooper has to choose between his old life and a place full of new possibilities. A place that just might be home.

My Thoughts: Reading one of Robyn's books is like having coffee with an old friend.  I have loved reading her Virgin River series (I still have several books to go as she writes them faster than I can read them LOL) and was looking forward to reading a new series from her. The Wanderer offers that picturesque small town setting and down home folks that fans couldn't get enough of with Virgin River. In this aspect, this book is quite charming and fits right into what I call a "comfort read".

The characters are very 3 dimensional and at the conclusion I felt as if I knew them all.

However, the H/h's romance is not featured as much as I would expect from a romance. They don't even meet until the middle of the book. They also share the romance spotlight with another couple and yet a third 'secret' romance as well.

The conflict of new kid vs. bully pulls a secondary storyline along nicely until the last 1/4 of the book and the mystery of what actually happened to Coop's friend Ben is not played out well with the conclusion almost being an afterthought.

Despite these things I think fans of Robyn's books will find this introduction to Thunder Point nice and will want to continue the series. 


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