Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dark Night by Kitti Bernetti

***this review contains potential spoilers****

I 'bought' this short erotic novella several months ago when it was offered for free on and decided that since I was between full length books at that moment this would be a fun quick read. At least it was quick. (Oh and the cover is pretty hot!)

Short stories often suffer from underdeveloped characters and/or plot. This one suffered from both. The author told us what she felt we needed to know about the characters but there was little else to discover about them that was worth reading. The heroine was a bucket full of contradictions and I had a hard time suspending my disbelief. I could have sworn I read that she was a virgin, yet performed like an old pro. Who has the dexterity or skill to give a man a foot-job while plummeting towards earth in a thrill ride? (yes that is a foot-job....similar to a hand-job but...well, you get the idea.) The sex was the only thing fully developed within the story to tell the truth. I thought those parts were actually decent which is why this book is getting 2 stars instead of 1.

The heroine, Breeze, is nothing more than a thief and Seb is a pig. Because she was stealing from him he decided she would be his Saturday Whore for the next month. She goes along with it so she wouldn't go to jail. Somewhere along the short Saturday encounters they fell in love.

The ending was wrapped up into a big unbelievable burrito, filled with an annoying message of love can cure everything, even terminal cancer. Really? I probably won't read another short story by this author based on the experience with this one. If you decide to read it I truly hope your experience is better than mine.

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