Friday, September 9, 2011

The Husband Hunt by Jillian Hunter

Synopsis: Catriona Grant is desperate. Fleeing a forced marriage in Scotland, she arrives on the doorstep of Rutleigh Hall seeking shelter as a distant relation, only to find that Knight Dennison, the Viscount Rutleigh, may be worse than the man she fled. True to his dangerous reputation, Knight threatens to toss the penniless, flame-haired impostor out -- until she produces the family ring as proof of her identity.

Thrust into the role of guardian, the dark, compelling Knight has his doubts about the lovely Scottish lass, who's clearly keeping secrets -- but her wit, beauty, and artless grace are hard to resist. When his sister starts husband-hunting for Catriona, the idea of any other man possessing her is suddenly unthinkable. For Knight realizes that there's only one possible groom for her: himself!

My Thoughts:This is my first by Jillian Hunter and although I really enjoyed it (there is an element of paranormal in the gypsy sense...Catriona has visions) I thought parts of it seemed overly long to get through. I set it down many times and although in the back of my mind I was thinking that I should pick it back up and finish it there wasn't that "compelling" factor there that made me want to pick it up other than I really wanted to finish it and get it off my list.

I thought the characters were good. I enjoyed that the hero was the one so utterly in love with her and not necessarily the other way around. Yes she loved him but it was almost from his view point rather than her's. Kind of refreshing in a historical romance. I did think that the big secret and whatnot was a bit anti-climactic and it was drug out to be a big deal but to me it really wasn't. Also there was a lot of stuff going on. Catriona's introduction to a bit of society, her running from her brother's guardianship, a possible evil uncle and the uncle's evil apprentice, a story of kidnapping, and a secondary love affair. With so much going on it seemed a bit muddled.

Overall I thought the book was a decent introduction to Hunter and there were some fun parts. Oh and the sex in the book was mild compared to many romances out there but there was some. So if you prefer books with no graphic porn-like scenes but want more than a fade to black approach this might satisfy you.


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