Sunday, August 7, 2011

After Life: Answers From The Other Side by John Edward

In John Edward's fourth book he answers some of the most asked questions about how the psychic mediumship process works. In addition he shares his experiences while doing readings in Australia and his life as the son of an Irish father and an Italian mother. He also touches on his life as a husband and being a first time father. He shares his journey learning how to be a medium and lessons he learned from his friends and teachers here and from people who have passed on.

My Thoughts:
I really enjoyed learning about John and his family background. From problems he had connecting with his father (while his father was still alive) to becoming a first time father. He had some really great advice for those who experience grief from the loss of a loved one, mainly to not seek out a psychic to connect until you have accepted and embraced the grief process. It's something you just can't skip or ignore. Moving right to seeking out a medium soon after the death of a loved one usually brings heartache because they either find a crook instead of someone with an actual psychic gift of their loved ones don't come through as the expect. I don't think I expected him to encourage someone to not go to a psychic.

John included many transcripts of his readings throughout the book. I've watched his Crossing Over show on many occasions and enjoyed his readings. I don't know if I fully believe it but the readings that are included are pretty amazing.

What I didn't like is that the book felt almost as if I were reading a text book. I grew bored after reading only a few pages so it took me forever to read it. I also didn't like his explanation on how he does what he does. It was something along the lines of he raises his psychic vibrations higher and the people who cross over lower theirs so they can communicate on the same level. I just didn't follow it. Maybe you have to be a psychic to really get it.

Overall an average book with some good stuff and some stuff I just didn't care for. I am not sure if I will go out of my way to read another book by him unless it if filled with his transcripts of his readings because that is that part I enjoyed the most.


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Donna Fasano said...

I have watched John Edward many times on TV. I have wondered if I should buy his book. Thanks for posting this review!