Sunday, June 12, 2011

Storm Watch by Jill Shalvis

Uniformly Hot!: The Few.  The Proud.  The Sexy as Hell.
— SUBJECT:  Jason Mauer, National Guard.
— CURRENT STATUS:  Homeward bound.
— MISSION:  Getting some R & R!
— OBSTACLE:  Lizzy Mann.  Sexy blast from the past.
— After battling a hurricane of catastrophic proportions, Jason needs some downtime -- badly.  But there's no rest for the heroic.  During another deluge, Jason's savior skills are suddenly in demand... by his hot friend Lizzy.
She's fiercely independent.  But that doesn't keep them from having incredible sex as they, ah, ride out the storm!
Jason knows relationships and duty don't mix.  Still, he feels as if he's being swept away by a flash flood of desire for Lizzy.

The permanent kind....

My Thoughts: I haven't read many Harlequin Blaze books. I actually don't seek out super steamy books because I prefer the romance aspect of the books over the sex. I thought though that since I really have enjoyed Jill Shalvis's other books I have read I thought I would give this one a try and was rather disappointed. 

What I liked....As far as characters go I actually did like both Jason and Lizzy (even though her name annoyed me just a bit). He was a hot military man and she was a smart nurse. 

I also really enjoyed the pace of the book. Lizzy and Jason have to get through town to check on Lizzy's pregnant sister but the area her sister lives has been evacuated because of horrible flooding. Their adventure in getting to their destination was nail biting on the edge of your seat fun.

I loved how Shalvis set her storyline up too. Lizzy and Jason had been in high school together (but not a couple). Sometimes authors who use the reunited type storyline don't pull it off so well and the reader is left feeling that there should have been a prequel book somewhere that they missed. This book definitely did not have that problem.

What I really didn't like....The fact that their lives are in danger while navigating rivers where streets used to be the characters found a lot of time to make out. Jason would get out of the Jeep to move a large branch blocking their way and when he got back into the vehicle they would make out. A little further down the road after almost having an accident they take a breather and make out. Lizzy is scared for her younger sister and to comfort her they make out. Ok that last one might not have happened but you get the idea. Jason is in the National Guard just off a search and rescue mission where flooding was happening. With that in mind why would a seasoned expert spend so much time making out when he knew that time is of the utmost urgency and getting to their destination was priority? I just could not suspend my disbelief enough to accept his actions. I kind of felt as if the only reason all the making out was including was so the hot monkey sex that happened once they were safe didn't come out of nowhere.

I also didn't care for the secondary storyline involving Lizzy's sister. In order to make her interest in her mystery man hero believable I think more time should have been invested (perhaps their own book) and after only 12 hours or so they are suddenly a couple of sorts. 

Overall I would say that this was an average read and I kind of expect just a bit more from Shalvis. Not a horrible book but definitely not one of her better ones. If you are new to Jill I would totally recommend Simply Irresistible.

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