Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Venus in Blue Jeans by Meg Benjamin

Synopsis....which isn't much of a synopsis but it's what is on amazon.com....Docia Kent figures Konigsburg, Texas, is the perfect place to get over her lying fiance and hide out from her meddling parents, but she doesnt reckon on vet Cal Toleffson, a six-foot-five-inch hunk of gorgeous manhood who takes one look at Docia and knows shes the love of his life. Now if Cal can only convince Docia to give love a chance, while fending off burglars, con men, jealous rivals, and the eccentric citizens of Konigsburg, maybe they can even make it to happily ever after!

My thoughts.....This was freebie on kindle and not a horrible one but frankly am a little stunned by all the 5 star ratings that it got on amazon.com. It was an OK book but I found it lacking...something. I have been struggling to figure it out for a couple days now and am still not sure. There was some romance, a bit of a mystery, a uppity town witch with a B, a veterinarian and some smallish town charm but I think that other than the uppity witch none of the factors had any oomph to them. Even the sex scenes were a little off. On one hand they were fairly mild but then one or two sentences would throw the book towards an R rating only to finish the page with an "And then....two hours later" feel.

The romance part got better when the couple spent time talking and getting to know each other which I really appreciated because I was able to see a blossoming romance then instead of just having to go by the hero thinking to himself how much he loved her and having me wonder how it happened.

It did almost lose me when Docia and Cal were talking about some sort of party and Docia mentioned balloons and Cal's first thought was something to the effect of "Ballooooooooooons" while staring at Docia's chest. Seriously...it was one of the most ridiculous passages I have read in an adult romance. I don't think I have even read something that silly in a YA. It's something my 14 year old nephew might say to his best friend.

Oh and I don't know who is half naked on the cover but it isn't Cal because Cal is hairy.

What I did like....The chihuahua... the fact that Cal actually did have hair on his chest, because lets face it, men have hair...the nasty witch who hated Docia just because....Cal was from Iowa and so am I.

I guess that is it, my review kind of makes it seem like a bad book but it wasn't. It just wasn't great and it took me weeks to read it which is not like me. So overall 3.5 stars.

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