Friday, December 4, 2009

The Worst Movies Ever???

Didn't actually watch these movies all the way through....just couldn't stomach it. There is something to be said, however, of late night insomnia and 300 cable channels. I just don't know what it is. So, below are two of the worse movies I have not watched (well, all the way through anyway.)

Private Valentine aka Major Movie Star....(can't honestly rate it because I only watched a fraction of the 98 minute movie). Yeah, so, I am not a Jessica Simpson hater. I think she has a lovely voice. I think she should stick to singing though. I only saw a bit piece of the movie where she is trying to rally her team to complete some sort of drill/competition. The speech was less then motivational. Unfortunately I think it was a combo of acting and writing that doomed it. If I were part of her team I would have surrendered right there.

7 Seconds (no rating for this one either but I did watch more of it then I did Pvt. Valentine). Starring Wesley Snipes. I am not a big Snipes fan either. I have enjoyed many of his movies though. Unfortunately this one was not one of them. It was horrid. Snipes is an ex special OPs man who for some reason now leads a life of crime. During his latest heist a priceless painting comes up missing and the owners want it back. The movie is filled with poorly executed fight sequences that made them look as if we were watching them practicing instead of the actual movie, unbelievable car chase scenes ( I really hate when two cars collide at what appears to be very low speed only to have one car explode in a ball of flame and the other become a projectile of end over end twisted metal) and the pretty blonde becomes a love interest shortly after taking a bullet that doesn't seem to affect her ability to playfully wrestle with him at the end of the show. Yes this movie was full of cliches and yet I didn't watch but 30 minutes of it. Ugh.

So folks, save yourself some time and money and avoid these movies.

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